Get free personal hygiene kits

“Get free personal hygiene kit” is a program to get free hygiene kits, such as: soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, lotion, comb, sanitary towels and other personal hygiene products from groups and organizations to give it to the needy and the homeless.
These kits are all needed for personal hygiene and good grooming. Homeless people needed these to get them by with their everyday toilet needs.
 Everybody knows that getting these items for free would provide the homeless a needed protection against diseases and illnesses.
 This would be a big help to them, that is why, more and more individuals are encourage to join this endeavor.
It is a global call to all who are willing to share some personal hygiene products to the needy and homeless.
Soap as one, cleanses the body of all grimes and dirt that stick to it. With the help of water, body cleaning is possible. There are several soaps that are available in the market. There are even anti-bacterial soaps that are anti-bacterial agents to kill most of the bacteria that is stuck to our outer skin.
  Shampoos come in many preparations. There is a shampoo for dry and brittle hair due to frequent washing or chemically treated hair. There is a shampoo for dandruff, and a shampoo for oily hair and scalp.
Toothpaste also comes in many preparations such as: peppermint, green apple flavor, lemon and mint cool gel flavors. They all claim to whiten teeth and kills bacteria in the mouth.
 A hand and body lotion in small tube or in a sachet proves to soften dry skin.
A small package of sanitary pads and some tampons would be very helpful in the kit.
And, a packet of cotton buds would also complete the free personal hygiene kit.

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